Power Module energize your home or facility during a blackout, and get you a lot of benefits
Backup energy storage
Voltage stabilise
Lower energy bill costs
Renewables storage
Battery unit
energy capacity
6.5 kWh
of charge / discharge
7 000 cycles
enclosure protection
IP 65
in each battery unit
Build-in climat control
Inverter unit
rated power
6 kW
impulse power
up to 16 kW
line mode
97,6% efficiency
enclosure protection
IP 65
Off-the-shelf solution
Easy installing
Simple scaling
Build your own scalable solution by attaching new Power Module units
6,5 kWh
6 kW
rated power
to unlimited
The battery unit plug-in and capacity scaling
2х DC-bus
The power unit plug-in
Data transmitting between units and Visionary Cloud
3x Ethernet
Extended lifetime.
7000 charging is not a limit
Analogue 3
Lead acid energy storage
Analogue 2
Analogue 1
1 000
2 000
Visionary Power Module
3 500
7 000
The Power Module provides clean energy supply and freedom from power grids
Plug PVs to inverter unit via build-in MPPT controller.
4 plugs for 28A each. Up to 10 kW solar panels could connect to 1 inverter unit.
Use 100%
of green energy
Power Module increases efficiency of PVs using up to 8 times by spreading solar energy through a day and selling profitably to grid.
Power Module has a build-in computer for data collection and self-management.
Energy storage, PVs, load, grid information are in you pocket. The Visionary Cloud collects and analysis data for better performance your energy storage. Use Visionary Cloud for online control your Power Module units.
Build-in computer collects data to flash-memory in a case of internet disabling. The data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud after the Internet connection is restored.
Visionary app for remote management
Customize settings for personalized savings. Stay connected with instant alerts before severe weather. Manage your energy. With the Visionary app, you can monitor your energy in real time. Set your preferences to optimize for energy independence, outage protection or savings. Control your system from anywhere with remote access and instant alerts.
Use energy clever from different energy sources: PVs, grid, local producing
Power Module charges in lower tariff hours. When it increases you can use stored energy. It save up to 60% of energy storage cost. Connect PVs and activate sell-to-grid mode. Visionary Power Module helps you to make money
Power Module charge use less capacity, but battery cells get extended lifetime. Switch to eco-mode, and your 6,5 kWh rated capacity Power Module charges up to 5,2 kWh. You can charge energy storage for 1000 cycles more.
Extend lifetime of your Power Module for 1000 cycles by eco-mode
Power Module specs
Rated power
Power scaling
Round trip efficiency
Operation temperature
6 500 Wh
6 000 W
up to 90 000 W
> 97.7%
-25°C to +60°C
Capacity scaling
Enclosure protection
IP 65
1047 х 700 х 188 mm (battery unit)
670 х 420 х 233 mm (inverter unit)
130 kg
(battery unit)
32 kg
(inverter unit)
See Power Module technical specifications for more details >
Install and use the Power Module everywhere it needed.
Steel inclosure protects electronics and battery cells inside from dust and water. Additionally, a sealant is used for tightness.
Use the Power Module wherever you want. Build-in climate control extends battery lifetime even in a harsh operation conditions. Maintenance is not required.
Power Module operates
- 25°С to +60°С.
Visionary Power Module
No climate control energy storage
-25 °С
+10 °С
+60 °С
+35 °С
5 times more lifetime and 10 times less maintenance requires compare an air conditioning
Система климат-контроля Power Module
Liquid climat control
Hybrid climat control
Air coolling
10 лет
Visionary Power Module
Lead-acid energy storage
Analogue 2
Analogue 1
Visionary Power Module is a most efficient energy storage ever made
Visionary Power Module
Fuel generation
х10 times profitable than fuel genergation
Technical specification
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Стоимость Power Module
Инверторный блок
Дополнительный инверторный блок для расширения доступной мощности
200 000 р.
Стартовый набор
Все что нужно для старта
700 000 р.
Батарейный блок
Дополнительный блок для расширения доступной емкости
500 000 р.
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