Portable off-the-shelf power station with green energy backup
Power Kubik
Two type of simple to use boxes for energy backup and voltage stabilizing.
Storage of enormous energy from the grid or PVs to compact Battery box. 2kWh rated capacity recharges over 250 times of your laptop. Scale it simply with 2kWh steps and no wires required.
x2 USB Type C
Battery box
2 kWh capacity
12 kg weight
IP 54
x2 USB Type A
410 mm
420 mm
400 mm
Quickly charges for battery boxes and regulates the voltage for a stable power supply. Enjoy total safety for your home devices, even during power outages. It can handle even the heaviest devices, with a peak power of 4000W.
x2 2000W plugs
Inverter box
2000 W rated power
4000 W peak power
10 kg weight
IP 54
PV connector
420 mm
410 mm
400 mm
Sustainable design.
Re-cycled plastic.
Re-cycling program.
Wireless scale.
Up to 6 kWh capacity
50 minutes fast charging
(SoC 80%)
450 W
solar charging
Best IP54 protection
Step up your power game with double conversion
Pure sine for sensitive equipment
Really powerful.
4000 W peak power
Scaling capacity
Output power
Double conversion UPS
Circular design
Pure sine wave
All of these are Power Kubik
Compact, simple and scalable Power Kubiks provides safety for your electric devices at home and charges gadgets on picnic or vacation.
Off-the-shelf storage is ready to power your devices wherever you are. Just plug your gadgets and devices directly to Power Kubik.
Long-lasting energy backup keep your devices powered for extended periods of time - up to 512 hours for a MacBook Pro M1, 57 hours for your refrigerator, and 3 hours for boiling water.
4000 W of peak power and pure sine Power box provides stable power supply even for highly demanding devices and electronic devices with motors.
100% recycled design and fully protected from dust and water. We use recycled plastic for producing plastic parts of Power Kubik’s body.
Use Power Kubik wherever you are
for hobby
at home
for work
for travelling
Just put the battery boxes on the top other for scaling energy capacity. It’s easier than ever. Magnetic automatic lockers supply voltage only if the next kubik is installed. It’s totally safe from water and touching fingers.
Wireless total safe scalable Kubik’s technology
Scaling up to 6 kWh
Visionary Cloud Service
Even momentary power outage may result in data loss or hardware damage. Power Kubik will safely restore your power whenever the electricity knocks out.
One touch to true energy.
Full remote access to your Power Kubik
24/7 UPS. Seamless switching to battery and back
Tech specs
Battery box
Inverter box
Rated power
Impulse power
2000 W
4000 W
420х400х410 mm
10 kg
10 years
Overvoltage protection
Pulse interference
Short circuit protection
Life cycles
PV's power / MPPT
2000 Wh
up to 450 W
420х400х410 мм
15 kg
10 years
Focus on details.
Higher quality in simply form.
The Battery box wink you to say about operation mode. Easier way for you to monitor the status of energy storage system and ensure that it is functioning properly.
Battery box
Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/5A
2x USB-C
Say hello to the built-in PD100W MAX protocol! Lightning-fast charging speeds of up to 100W. This protocol is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it the ultimate solution for all your charging needs.
Output: 3,6-6,5/5A, 6.5-9V/2A, 12V/1,5A
2x USB-A
Second built-in protocol for fast charing is QC 12W MAX! It quickly charge your devices at speeds of up to 12W. It's also compatible with a wide range of devices, so you can enjoy fast charging no matter what you're using
Powered by energy of the Sun
The plug for seamless PV to battery storage connection. With capabilities up to 450W of PV power, 48V voltage, and 10A current, this plug is designed for maximum efficiency and compatibility.
QC 3.0
2.4 A
PD 3.0
of the Battery box
Water and dust protection
IP 54
charge-discharge cycle
Best efficiency and reliability
PV’s power
up to
450 W
per connector
48 V
up to
10 A
Get ready to take control of your energy storage with the latest in innovation! Our sensor button, paired with app-connection & light indicator, allows you to manage your battery with ease. Turn it on/off, monitor status, and stay informed with a simple touch or app glance.
Inverter box
Sense of control
Light it up
A simple and intuitive light indicator. Stay informed of your battery status at a glance. Know exactly when your battery is charged, discharging, or in need of attention.
It’s cool
Introducing the ultimate solution in battery storage cooling! Our system ensures optimal performance and longevity with precise temperature control within the range of -10 to +40°C. Say goodbye to overheating and hello to reliable, safe energy storage.
High roundtrip efficiency
1700 W
AC Charging
really powerfull
2000 W AC
x2 power outlets
-10 to +40 C
Wide temperature rate
from dust and water
IP 54
Excellent protection
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