Power Module
Decentralised energy storage for distribution power grids
More than just an energy storage
Energy saving for longer period when the primary power source is unavailable
Power Backup
Improving cost-efficiency of local generation via distributed supply-demand management
Co-located generator firming
Improves system strength across all areas of the network
Voltage and Reactive Power Support
Supply capacity to defer or eliminate the need to upgrade infrastructure
Transmission and distribution deferral
Providing a source of power that is not dependent on the grid
Microgrid applications
Full report about energy storage online in one app
ESS online monitoring
Reduction of peak loads on the network and reduction of equipment losses and wear
Peak shaving
Power flow, voltage, and frequency, to ensure stability, reliability, and safety of the grid.
Grid environment online monitoring
Storing energy during periods of low demand and releasing it during periods of high demand
Load management
Combines many distributed energy storages into a large one for the advanced grid services
Virtual Power Plant
Pole mounting
The additional mounting bracket for pole installation makes the installation process easier and more secure. Land acquisition is not required - no more huge containers on the ground. Just put the Power Module unit on the pole.
IP 65 enclosure
Better resiliency
Phase-by-phase connection
Rack mounting
We have created a Power Rack. The simplest way of setting up large scale energy storage. You can install up to 16 Power Module’s units in 1 rack without additional equipment.
Unlimited scaling
x5 faster installation
Additional protection
Wall mounting
The Power Module is designed to be space-efficient and easy to install. The compact size and special wall bracing make it a great option for environments where space is limited, such as in small apartments or offices. The special wall bracing also simplifies the installation process, making it easy for customers to set up and use the product.
Off-the-shelf solution
Simple installation
6.5 kWh / 6kW per unit
Be a part of unlimited scaled Virtual Energy Storage
Visionary’s Cloud service aggregates distributed Power Module’s units into Virtual energy storage. The use of individual energy storages supporting the local grid and aggregating them to support the entire grid and provide wholesale services is a visionary approach that could help to improve the efficiency and reliability of the power grid. This allows for more efficient use of distributed energy resources and can provide additional services, such as load balancing and frequency regulation, to the grid.
Power Module has a built-in computer collecting 62-parameters data from various types of sensors.
Energy storage, PVs, load, and grid information are in your pocket. The Visionary Cloud collects and evaluates data for better performance of energy storage. Use Visionary Cloud for online control of your Power Module units.
Our built-in computer logs data into the flash memory in case the connection is lost. The data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud after restoring the connection.
Energy storage online management
Be ready for severe weather events with our instant alerts. Manage your energy backups. With the Visionary app, you can see energy consumption online. Set your preferences to optimize energy consumption, outage protection or savings. Manage it from anywhere with remote access and pop-up alerts.
Grid environment online monitoring
Real-time monitoring and management system for power grid companies. Built-in advanced sensors are used for monitoring equipment. Our proprietary software inspects data about the grid's performance.
Reach your zero-carbon goals
Optimize your energy usage and reduce power losses. Get advanced analytics and predictive capabilities, while our Power Modules collect all the necessary data on-site. These allow you to customize settings and receive instant alerts to make informed decisions on how to reduce your energy consumption. With the ability to access your energy data remotely, you can achieve your zero-carbon goals and make a positive impact on the environment.
Technical Specification
Capacity scaling
Rated power
Power scaling
Round trip efficiency
6 500 W
6 000 W
> 97.7%
See Power Module technical specifications >
32 kg
(Inverter unit)
130 kg
(Battery unit)
1047 x 700 x 188 mm
(Battery unit)
670 x 420 x 233 mm
(Inverter unit)
Enclosure protection
IP 65
Operation temperature
-25°C to +60°C
We have created a Power Rack. The simplest way of setting up large scale energy storage. You can install up to 16 Power Module’s units in 1 rack without additional equipment.
Our energy storage device is designed to withstand the demands of a power grid environment, with a cycle life of 7000 charge-discharge cycles - equivalent to more than 10 years of everyday work lifetime - providing power grid companies with a reliable and durable solution.
Enormous number of cycles
7 000
Visionary Power Module
Analogue 1
Analogue 2
Analogue 3
Revolutionary climate control. Liquid-free, no moving parts, x10 less maintenance and stable working even -25°C to +60°C
(-13F to +140F)
Power Module based on high-efficient Li-Ion cells. The built-in hybrid balancing system extends the charge/discharge cycle lifetime to over 7000 cycles, significantly prolonging the lifespan of the Power Module. The battery would need less replacement and maintenance.

Both hardware design and intelligent software management make the Power Module most cost efficient battery storage on the market.
Lowest cost of ownership
x 1
x 1.5
x 2
x 5
Visionary Power Module
Analogue 1
Analogue 2
x10 times more cost-efficient than a fuel generator
x 1
Visionary Power Module
Analogue 1
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