We believe that renewable energy is the key to achieving a more sustainable world. We are committed to helping our customers meet their energy needs while reducing their environmental impact by providing reliable, efficient energy storage & software solutions.

Visionary Power Module for utilities
Constantine Fedoseev
CEO, co-founder
Alexey Akkuratov
CTO, co-founder


Technology that enhance our lives, not complicate them

Our team of designers and engineers work together to create products that are not only visually stunning, but also seamlessly integrate with our customers' lives. We believe that great design is a harmonious combination of form and function. To achieve this, we prioritize user experience and interface design in the development of our energy storage solutions. We strive to make our systems as easy to use and maintain as possible, so that our customers can focus on what really matters - powering their homes or businesses with renewable energy.


Outstanding performance, lowest ownership total cost and high efficient hardware.

We take pride in the durability and reliability of our products, and we have designed them with maintenance-free operation in mind. This means that our customers can trust that their energy storage systems will continue to perform at optimal levels without any costly upkeep or downtime.


From the single energy storage to virtual power plant

Visionary’s software is designed to maximize the performance and efficiency of our energy storage systems. The Cloud service aggregates distributed energy storage to a virtual power plant, offering both customers and utilities real-time data and analytics for optimized energy usage. With more than 60 data parameters, our software provides a comprehensive view of the network environment.

Our energy storage systems feature built-in tiny computers and software that effectively manage the energy storage, operating autonomously to deliver the best performance and reliability. With Visionary's advanced software solutions, energy storage is easy to monitor and manage, and security is always a top priority.
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