Visionary saves x5 in CAPEX and OPEX on the way of adapting distribution grids to the energy transition while enhancing SAIDI & SAIFI
Visionary is a novel solution designed specifically for electricity utilities. Providing both an energy storage and a cloud service visionary enhances grid flexibility and power supply reliability
Front of the meter
Visionary is designed specifically for distribution power grids for front-of-the-meter installation for decentralisation and flexible grid management by DSOs.
High performance
Visionary works stable and reliable everywhere, even in harsh conditions. It brings multiple values and highest performance for the low-voltage grids.
Decentralized and flexible
Place Visionary everywhere you need to tackle problems in your grids. Even on the poles top. As close to energy consumers as possible.
Grid supporting
Visionary flattens the energy consumption curve and provides additional energy and power to the grid
Voltage regulation
enjoy stable voltage even during overload periods, thanks to Visionary's highly efficient automatic voltage regulation
Frequency regulation
Visionary provides seamless frequency stabilization across all phases, synchronized with the grid circuit, even during overloading
Deploy Visionary's decentralized energy storage wherever you need to address specific issues: on the ground, wall, or on pole tops. Integrate it into your grid as close to energy consumers as possible for high performance and efficiency.
grid's environment parameters delivered to your utility control center
AC input current, mA
AC output current, mA
AC input frequency, Hz
AC output frequency, Hz
AC input voltage, V
AC output voltage, V
DC Battery current, A
Solar controller current, A
Battery temperature, °C
Inside/outside humidity, %
RECEIVE constellation of data from different points along your distribution CIRCUITS.
Visionary's energy storage units collects and integrates data from multiple points throughout the distribution network. This comprehensive data collection provides a detailed and holistic view of the grid's performance, helping to monitor and optimize energy distribution more effectively.
Grid environment control
your control center gains direct grid oversight. You get real-time data and full control over operations, consumption, and local generation
By connecting the grid, consumption, and local generation directly to Visionary's energy storage, it flexibly regulates the grid environment. Visionary's cloud service provides online management to the utility control center through a wireless network. During offline periods, a built-in computer automatically manages the grid based on pre-installed scenarios. You can utilize a proprietary application or an API connected to your DMS.
a small single 6.5 kWh energy storage unit...
Virtual energy storage
...turns to over
virtual energy storage with limitless capacity through Visionary’s aggregation
Energy arbitrage
aggregated capacity for extended services for both retail and wholesale markets of electricity
Wholesale market of electricity
California day-ahead market
Retail market of electricity
California electricity market price curve
modernize your grids for the energy transition and Cut capital costs
With Visionary seamlessly integrated into your distribution grids, costly modernization becomes unnecessary. Our innovative approach enables utilities to significantly reduce capital expenses while adapting low-voltage grids to new challenges posed by the energy transition.
Maximize grid operational efficiency while minimizing costs
Unlock a spectrum of post-installation benefits with Visionary, including enhanced power supply reliability, reduced grid losses, and streamlined online management. Experience a dramatic reduction in operational costs, leading to skyrocketing business efficiency.
Unlocking Energy Arbitrage Potential
Visionary's cloud service facilitates energy arbitrage for utilities during grid stability. By leveraging aggregated energy storage capacity, utilities can purchase electricity from the wholesale market during off-peak hours and utilize it during peak periods in the retail market. This innovative approach not only optimizes grid operations but also presents DSOs with a new avenue for business expansion.
Empowering Flexibility and Decentralization in Grid Management
With Visionary, gain direct control over the grid environment, enabling flexibility and decentralization. Access 62 parameter data and real-time control online, directly from the utility control center. This flexible solution replaces hundreds of costly smart sensors, streamlining grid management efficiently.
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